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My development and test environment for simple UNIX audit script consists of tiny linux distribution called Microcore which is running as guest operating system on QEMU. I’m using Microcore-a.bat to start it, see below

qemu -no-kqemu -L . linux-microcore-2.10.img -redir tcp:5555::23 -redir tcp:5556::22

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Active Directory Cookbook (see references) reads that there are many ways to collect evidence for active directory audit (TIMTOWTDI-There Is More Than One Way To Do It):

  1. GUI  tools  like ADSI Edit, Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC)
  2. CLI utilities: ‘ds’ tools (dsquery, dsget,etc) , adfind or ldifde
  3. Scripting languages like VBScript or PowerShell

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1. First, most important rule – never give auditors any electronic evidence or access to the systems. Allow access to printed documentation on site only. Justify it by security and confidentiality. Auditors  should be directed to study evidence, including policies and procedures on site. Make sure that closest coffee machine is broken for that time period 😉

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