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Found that nice video demonstrating double slit experiment (experiment first shown by Thomas Young in 1803?). It clearly shows that matter  can display characteristics of  both waves and particles. Matter particles, such as electrons, produce interference patterns due to their wave-like nature. In order for a particle to interfere with itself (remember one electron is shot at the time), it must pass through both slits.. Double slit experiment is the key to understand quantum physics and nature of world (not only microscopic). It is breakdown of objective reality, raises questions: Does one matter particle passes thru both slits at the same time? Is it wave or particle ? Can we observe it being particle and wave at the same time ?

The double slit experiment is a good test of the role of the observer in the quantum realm. The behavior one finds depends upon what one chooses to look for. If we modify the experiment by putting a detector near each of the two slits it will bring two consequences.  Sometimes the electron would be detected near first slit and sometimes near second slit (we can’t predict which slit the single electron will choose). The other consequence of this would be destruction of the interference pattern on the screen. The electrons would split evenly. For the first time in physics, indicates that there is a much deeper relationship between the observer and the phenomenon.


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